Monday, February 6, 2012

news: Teen Girl Detective drama series

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I have no idea who Nam Ji Hyun is, but I'm on-board this series just because it has the words 'mystery' and 'teen detective' in it. It's called Girl Detective Park Hae Sol and centers around the young teenage girl getting caught up in an investigation involving her father's death years prior. Her father, in turn, had been caught up in another more serious crime involving a politician and some shady business. He is killed because of that and everything sort of gets buried until the taped evidence he had had surfaces again.

While I'm all for the teen mystery detective bit, I'm also hoping that we get to see more than just the one criminal case being investigated. Or if all we get to see is that one case, we get a sense that there are possibilities for an extension or a sequel. For instance, build up the nice little girl detective team with her police officer and prosecutor teammates and set them off on a wonderful collaboration.

I have always been a sucker for mystery and crime type story lines, especially the mystery part: Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children... anything mystery case-like has always been up my alley. So hopefully this will be a fun one as well as one with great substance. A lot of crime and mystery projects lately have been rather disappointing -- no suspense or thrill of being the detective in the audience along with the character roles.

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  1. Hi! I forgot what does Park Hae Sol perceives... What do you call the ability to see others' feelings through the eyes?
    Thanks! :D