Wednesday, January 25, 2012

news: Lee Hyun Jin as Yoo Seung Ho's love rival

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source: Dramabeans

Okay, so this is kind of cruel. I was so looking forward to this series because of Yoo Seung Ho... but now production throws me into the pits by casting the love rival as Lee Hyun Jin? We all remember this guy from the youth romance You've Fallen For Me or Heartstrings, playing the role of Ki Young who had to overcome his short stage fright story arc; and I remember him as a surprisingly refreshing character as compared to the rest of the cast. Frankly, I liked him -- good-looking, good skill, good voice, great smile (and not to mention that killer minute duration of the shirtless-ness that made me go O.o...). I was looking forward to the day that he would be cast in more major roles.

But I wasn't expecting two little Pretties to be competing for my shipping affections. (I've already exhausted my squee-ing heart in Ramyun Shop and Dream High by jumping from ship to ship too regularly; I really wish I could just ship one guy and stick to him.)

I guess we'll just have to see how his character turns out. Because we all know that I LOVE Yoo Seung Ho, but now we also know that I have a soft spot in my heart for the cute little Lee Hyun Jin. Man, this is going to be a hard one.

Click on the link or picture above to go to javabean's news post about the series.


In other news... yes, I am slacking off immensely. Things in the Real Life area have been catching up and I've had little time to put the finishing touches on some planned and written articles. Me Too, Flower!'s end of series discussion post is almost finished and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop's intro info article is also finished. I just haven't had time to go back and edit or add pictures. I haven't had the chance to start watching The Moon That Embraces the Sun yet despite having finally found a streaming site that is presenting it. But mark my words, I certainly WILL partake in it simply for the fact that I've grown fond of both Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, both adorable young men with exceptional acting talent. At the very least, I'm going to try to watch the first few episodes and then post my opinions about it, but that might be it since I won't have time to do an episode-by-episode discussion on it.

I haven't touched Wild Romance yet since Episode One, but from netizen reactions, it seems that many are enjoying it. I'm probably just going to check it out as leisure viewing. I've gotten pretty far in Color of Woman and I have half the mind to start watching What's Up? just because it seems interesting.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I've got a couple other things going on now that need my attention.

That said: Happy New Year to everyone out in Asian drama land!

I hope that I can continue to keep up this blog casually, but I know that my posting will slow down immensely in the next few weeks or months depending on how things are going in Real Life. There's also a matter of how accessible Asian drama will be to me in the coming days as well (YOU all know what I mean). But I'm sure I'll figure something out.

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