Saturday, July 9, 2011

and so it continues on...

My life is surrounded by surreal fictional obsessions rather than real life stories that I can share with everyone. I think that my grasp on reality is beginning to plummet while I continue to immerse myself in a place where I can enjoy rather than be bored or annoyed. But yea, I know that I do it to myself.

Nonetheless, my level of otaku-ism has finally reached an all new high. Ever since putting animanga zone on hiatus, I've been yearning to come back into this field and reclaim my right to blog as a rabid fangirl... or something like that. Granted, having school and starting a new career chapter in my life also had me putting off the blogs, it was really no excuse if I was really that passionate about blogging anime and manga. I just simply lost interest in the genre for that duration of time.

Today, I've picked up the area of live-action drama from several different Asian countries, including the one that I grew up with. My obsessions grow regularly and change with new interests and new loves. I've gone from watching Cantonese language-based Hong Kong drama series to Japanese dorama to Taiwanese Idol Dramas and finally, at present, the ever-famed Korean dramas.

And so with that extremely long introduction, I present to the community a new blog that includes any type of live-action drama, more specifically in the Asian region. Why didn't I just start blogging again at animanga zone? Well, I sort of blocked myself into a corner by specifying that that particular blog was made for anime, manga and everything shojo. Even my mission statement said so-- might go there and read it.

And so I needed to branch off and start fresh with the drama zone in my very own abyss. And by simply stating that it is called drama zone, I don't necessarily have to remain confined to one country or even to drama series, per se. And I'll even make sure that my "set in stone" mission statement gives lee-way to include music and movies as well. And now that I think about it, I might start fresh with a different blog name if that's necessary. After all, this is simply an introduction to my new plans.

As with the beginning with animanga zone I am scheduling an official launch for this blog. It just so happens that the animanga zone had been officially launched on August 1 of 2008. Now, three years into the present, August is around the corner in less than a month's time. So this webmaster has decided to give herself a timeline.

I will commit myself to writing about several different dramas, be they Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese as well as covering a few of this webmaster's personal features pertaining to people and music and the like. The webmaster will also include random thoughts as part of the blog just because nothing needs to be absolutely set in specific form. That was a problem with the previous fan blog, I had forced myself to a specific form. But I will try to be a little more free with this blog so that I can share with the rest of the community a little taste of my own fictional world. Who knows, maybe some people will come to like hearing what I have to talk about pertaining to the closet-otaku life I lead outside of more important priorities.

And so the life of a closet-otaku begins all over again. Live drama is a little more popular... maybe I'll get more readers this time around. It's a nice thought.

Until then, to whoever cares to be here, look forward to the official launch of my drama zone by August 1, 2011. Hopefully, I can have a few things ready to post in a more scheduled fashion than was previously done.

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