Saturday, September 10, 2011

news: Sungkyunkwan Scandal movie!

I saw this article today and thought that I really had to share it, if anyone is interested, that is:

QTV to Air "Sungkyunkwan Scandal: The Movie" at K-Pop Express

This news got me a little excited since I became a huge fan of Song Joong Ki for his role as Gu Yong Ha in this series, a bored, witty, and flamboyant young scholar who is probably the most adorable thing to grace Korean drama (at least in my opinion).

As the K-Pop Express article states, this movie will be a remake of the twenty episode series to mark the one year anniversary of it's broadcast. Consisting of three good looking men and one very elegantly pretty girl who were combined into a unit of close camaraderie, the series was a huge hit among fans as well as a gem of a series. I certain had a lot of fun watching it over and over again just for the laughs and the insights and the fun as well as the lovable Yeorim's (Gu Yong Ha's nickname) cuteness, coolness, witticisms, and loveliness all in one excellent Song Joong Ki package.

It sounds like the movie will simply be a retelling of the original story line, so there won't be anything new to look forward to, but I'm still anticipating it just to see how the producers will fit the entirety of SKK Scandal into a few hours. Also, it is mentioned that there will be interviews of our cast and some behind-the-scenes footage and NG scenes to enjoy.

I say, the more Jalgeum Quartet, the better!


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