Friday, November 25, 2011

news: Lee Jun Ki's scheduled return to drama

"Lee Jun Ki to make a drama comeback next February" @ news

This is totally out of the blue, but I'm really excited to see this guy back in action. Check out more accurate and detailed news through

Of course, while I've only ever watched two drama series wherein Lee Jun Ki participates, I still find him an interesting part of Korean drama entertainment. Also, with the new found knowledge that most artists returning from army service are slated for topless fan service scenes in their return dramas, I'm in the midst of gearing up my giddy for seeing some shirtless Lee Jun Ki. Of course, this comes in play with whether or not I actually want to ruin my impression of him as the pretty boy (because once I see those abs, there's no turning back and Lee Jun Ki will become a manly man; that pretty boy image WILL be forever out the window).

I walked into the Kdrama scene recently and so Lee Jun Ki was already off serving in the army, so it's a good time for me, getting to see his comeback into dramaland -- much like I got to see Lee Dong Wook's comeback drama series, despite not really knowing who he was.


In other news, maybe I'll be able to get around to watching Time Between Dog and Wolf and Iljimae before Lee Jun Ki's return in February 2012. I'm also really contemplating watching The King and the Clown as well as all other Lee Jun Ki movies -- he may be the first Korean artist wherein I actually indulge in every project he's been associated with.

But we'll see how my obsessions with kdrama holds in the next three months. Until then, I'm keeping an eye out on what his return drama project will be: rom-com, another action thriller, or even something historical? I'm sure this guy can do it all quite well. No matter what, I'll check it out, just because he's nice to look at no matter what.

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  1. I'm just like you. Lust recently became a kdrama fan and junki fan. though i love many asian, bollywood and some hollywood actors/actresses, LEE JUN KI was the first one i actually watched behind the scene clips, interviews and entertainment news for, though since i don't understnad Korean, it is sometimes hard to find the videos.