Tuesday, November 29, 2011

news: music dramas and SKK Scandal

Sungkyunkwan PD and writer reteam for campus music drama; read at Dramabeans.com.

And yes, I borrowed their image too. I hope it's not a big deal, cause I'll give it back if it is.

I'm not so much for up-to-date news articles as most other fan sites are, mostly because I only have so many resources. Mainly I rely on K-Pop Express, Drama Fever, and Dramabeans for my Korean entertainment news fix, or any other K-drama related items of discussion. But every once and a while, I come across something that gets me a little hyped up, and despite not having a large reader-base, I like to share.

According to the article above at Dramabeans, the producers of the wonderful Sungkyunkwan Scandal are hitting up the music drama theme with their own production, slated to air in 2012. If the premise is anything as great as how SKKS ended up being, I'm all for following this bandwagon. Of course, I haven't quite gotten around to watching Dream High yet despite its popularity, but I am considering giving it a go. I mean, I watched K-drama God of Study, and I also watched Taiwanese drama-like show Brown Sugar Machiatto -- which pretty much means that I am not above watching ANYTHING else in this world.

As mentioned by other sites, musical dramas seem to have hit this year and had a few within the past two years as well. Of recent is the already stated above Dream High, and also the recently finished broadcasting Heartstrings.

While I'm new to the K-drama land scenario, there IS one thing I am certain about: in Asian drama, sometimes when an idea sticks and gains popularity, every producer, writer and director will jump on that bandwagon and try to churn out their own piece to put to the test. For instance, Hong Kong drama had a long run (and still going) of power struggles among court women in historical China -- basically, the fight with consequential death to be the King's favorite wife. And yes, I think it's gotten old.

So hopefully a flood of musical dramas won't end up becoming too over-hyped or too bland after the fifth or sixth one. I'm always up for good music in a drama series.

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