Thursday, January 19, 2012

news: Musical Casting Continues for Rom-Com "The King"

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source: soompi

Okay, I seriously just have a headache right now. Between this and the whole megaupload issue, the day has just been a bit of the pits. Just this morning, it was said that Lee Seung Gi will be starring in the main lead role after his two-year hiatus and now it's unconfirmed? Oy... I think the production staff for this new rom-com really needs to make a decision somewhere because with so many rumored main male lead castings, there's more buzz than a series really needs. And since Ha Ji Won isn't exactly confirmed for the female lead role, so far it means that "The King" is run by a lot of rumored stars.

Whatever though, I'm apathetic today.

It may not be long before blogs all around get shut down because of pictures and videos that may or may not be pirated. There goes our online freedom of expression. So who knows how much longer I'll be blogging.

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