Monday, January 2, 2012

news: 2012 and some random things

So... 2012...

I'm a day late as it is now midnight on January 2nd, but it's okay. Nothing is supposed to make sense anyway (not even this post). The banner was long overdue for a change. Due to the holiday season and lots of work hours, I ended up with Slack-itis and made use of Yeo Woon for two months straight. No harm done, really since Yoo Seung Ho is very pretty and Yeo Woon is the embodiment of awesomeness.

My intention had been to utilize a Flower Boy Ramyun Shop banner... Again, Slack-itis hit pretty hard.

Anyway, as was stated in my 2011 Reflection post, the coming few months will end up a bit slower than what has been going on in the past five months. My obsession phase is starting to simmer into a mere "K-dramas are a natural part of life" type of thing now. I've decided that if I don't want to resent blogging about K-drama as well as K-drama itself, I should just post whenever I feel like posting. Because otherwise, we go on a two year hiatus which is now going on three years.

There are a lot of new series in 2012 that I'm anticipating (as noted by various news related posts in the past few weeks) and so we'll be hearing about all of that. Articles I have already written will find their way into publication when I finally get myself together and start working on them (or rather finishing them with pictures).

Two specific articles will be worked on (much like I'm "working on" that 'Dedicated to Running Man' page) as I have intentions of posting more than just thoughts on drama series. The third part of my 2011 Reflections may take a little longer to publication. Included in the "I need to get these done" category will be the intro info articles for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Me Too, Flower!, the latter of which will also be getting an ending and overall review as soon as I finish watching the rest of it (at the edge of my seat in anticipation because the series has taken a better turn for the ending episodes and there are still no English subtitles yet). I plan on starting Color of Woman now that my Real Life hectic-ness has simmered away and I'll have more time to work on this blog, so anticipate a first impression post soon.

A new series will be chosen to watch soon as well and it might end up being Dream High instead of a battle between one of the Jung Il Woo projects and the only other Yoon Shi Yoon work I've been considering. Although I DID start watching High Kick Through The Roof without any impression on whether or not I'll actually continue. I tried watching the first High Kick sitcom and really couldn't get further than the first episode because nothing really made much sense to me. High Kick Through The Roof has set up a better premise with more bearable antics than I'd seen in the first High Kick. Once again, the unanticipated battle between Jung Il Woo and Yoon Shi Yoon for my affection... Yoon Shi Yoon is winning out on this one though.

Back-tracking, since there is a Dream High 2 in the making and I kind of enjoy Jiyeon of T-ara since her days in God of Study, I feel it would only be right if I watched Dream High first. My parents seem to be enjoying it quite a bit and keep commenting on how "these young kids are pretty good at singing".

Anyway, that was just a brief update for what's in store, but I make no promises. I really DO have a lot of drama series on my list that I'd love to finish watching, but somehow it's just so hard to get around to everything.


  1. Slack-itis... completely understand...BTW, are you planning on watching "Operation Proposal' w/ Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin? It starts on Feb. 6th.

  2. I am totally looking forward to Yoo Seung Ho's next project! The only reason I watched Warrior Baek and God of Study was all because of him anyway. However, I read that "Operation Proposal" would be a melodrama, so that kind of worries me as I'm not too fond of melodramas, but I will still be willing to sit through it for Yoo Seung Ho.

    Haha, Slack-itis hits pretty hard at all the wrong times, because I still haven't gotten around to wrapping up my thoughts on Ramyun Shop and Me Too, Flower. I think the more I force myself, the less I want to do it, so thanks for being understanding about my lack of activity since the holidays have ended. It probably hasn't been that long, but I still feel like I've been lazy. Sometimes I wish I had a complete identical twin (mind and opinions alike) or that I could stop time for a few hours each day.

    Thanks for dropping by this site!