Monday, January 16, 2012

news: Sam Dong's Dream High 2 Cameo

Hell yea!

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source:  Dramabeans

Yes, I watched Dream High in a two day sitting. Yes, I really enjoyed it A LOT. And yes, I would love a Kim Soo Hyun cameo in the upcoming all over, hyped up Dream High 2. This is totally an excellent marketing ploy since people who loved Dream High also loved Song Sam Dong in all of his cute country-bumpkin-turned-hot-guy glory. I certainly was impressed by the character as well as Kim Soo Hyun's portrayal -- and his singing voice was nothing short of excellent as well. Even though Dream High wasn't exactly what I would call the best drama series (since it felt more like an idol marketing promo that lasted 16 hours), it was like guilty pleasure crack and I was sold on it every minute.

So, yea, I'm looking forward to seeing Dream High 2, although I will admit I've had my reserves. Sequels usually don't hit the spot as well as the original, and I've seen many a drama series suffer from the "Bad Sequel Syndrome" wherein it either doesn't live up to its former, or it tries too hard to be individual and ends up planking. So with a now known cameo of Kim Soo Hyun, I would start watching it just to see his appearance.

Oh, yes, then there's Jiyeon too. I like her, but I've only ever seen her in God of Study, so it's not like I can really critique what I feel her acting should be like. Although the poster seems to lean heavily on the fact that she might be the "main antagonist" -- like the first Dream High's Yoon Baek Hee, played by fellow T-ara member Ham Eun Jung. A little disheartening, but we'll see where the series takes our kids.

Anyway, in other Kim Soo Hyun related news from Dramabeans (which is more heavily Jung Il Woo centric), the "adult" cast of The Moon That Embraces the Sun will be appearing in the next few episodes. And here I am, not even having seen the first episode at all yet. I'm having some issues finding any streaming where there are English subtitles (or I'm not looking hard enough), and I'm sighing up a storm of silent tantrum at the fact that I can't follow the series at the same time as everyone else. Drama Fever won't even be streaming it until about a month from now. I guess by then I'll just have to watch it all the way through without getting to blog about it too much -- there's good and bad about that, I guess.

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