Wednesday, August 10, 2011

news: being too ambitious is no fun

I think I already overdid myself in terms of trying to organize and present articles on this blog. My plans for August had included at least five other article posts by this time in the month. Of course, things never happen the way that I plan them, but seeing as how this is a personal blog just for fun anyway, it's really not that big of a deal to me.

In fact, I'm almost glad that my meticulously scheduled plans flopped on me. It gave me a chance to realize that I was putting too much priority into a fan's mere blog. This isn't professional after all.

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that I'm giving up on blogging. It just means that I realize I need to take things a little slower and try not to force myself to stick to a specific itinerary. Because knowing me, I will more than likely end up rebelling against myself.

Anyway, there are still plenty of blog posts that I have planned for the coming few weeks and may not necessarily end up being presented this month (as was the original plan). Some are already done and I just need to publish them. Other still require a small amount of tweaking and others still just need a few pictures to complete the article.

In terms of my viewing schedule, I've found that it is so, so easy to burn through Korean drama series before I even start them. As of current, I have just finished up Sungkyunkwan Scandal and will plan on writing my review for that one soon -- a very fun and meaningful drama as compared to all the other fluffy romantic comedies that I'd gotten used to since the days I started inhaling shoujo manga. My next endeavor will either be another romantic comedy, or the mega-blockbuster hit Iris which has been on my "next in line" viewing list for a long time. Because there is a planned sequel to Iris, I'm sure I'll jump on the first one as soon as I can just so I can stay in the loop.

To date, within the past two months, I have managed to finish watching five complete Korean drama series, and I have started watching two others which are still currently airing. I just hope that this new hold on Korean drama series isn't just a temporary obsession as I have been enjoying story lines and direction and the actors' skills very, very much. And it makes me excited to watch one series and then, because of some actor or actress, I seek out another series with that person in it and still end up enjoying the series. It's quite pleasant. Aside from that, however, I have placed some "to watch" series in my list based on summaries, personal interest, or ratings.

Other aspects of the Asian entertainment arena will be touched upon as well. I have recently started listening to music by other artists who are not associated with the series that I've been obsessing about. As I learn more about these individual musicians or even the idol groups, I will make mention of them.

Lastly, I've finally been dabbling in graphic arts and will pursue ways to create new banners to beautifully decorate the heading to my blog. In the past, my art was very child-like and sometimes looked strange or out of place. I'm not saying I've improved much, but the idea is to play around with pictures and fun art until I figure out what I'm doing.

Look forward to a few posts coming up soon: thoughts on Goong, Hana Kimi from Taiwan, Personal Preference, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and then a first impression post on Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Yes, OMG, there's something on the list that isn't a romantic comedy. With my indulgence into City Hunter, or even just Korean drama series altogether, I've begun to allow myself an expansion outside of romantic comedies. This feels just like the days when I grew up with Hong Kong's TVB production series wherein not everything I watched had to do with romance, and yet I still enjoyed it. I'm extremely thankful for being able to jump into the Korean entertainment arena -- it's shown me that nostalgic love for drama series that I haven't had in a long time. Because even with anime and manga and Taiwanese drama, I had simply sought out the "chick flicks" packed full of fun, romance, fluffy story telling and happy endings. Right now, I still can't stand to watch something that doesn't have a happy ending or anything that is laced with angst or tragedy, but maybe I'll be able to branch out in that direction because there truly are lots of good story lines in that genre despite the tragic endings and constant melancholic atmosphere.

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  1. Chuno.

    This is tough. I feel for you right now as I want to express how much I liked this show yet I don't want to spoil anything (especially the ending) and at the same time I still want to persuade you to check it out.

    From reading your posts I'm pretty sure it's not the kind of drama you'll like. However, it is Korean history and it took many awards from IRIS (lost Best Drama though).

    I guess all I can say is, despite it not being your "preferred" type of drama it might be worth your time to watch a few episodes.

    It's hard to even suggest stuff much less review it. Keep up the good work and the excellent writing.