Saturday, August 13, 2011

news: Heartstrings dropped to 15 episodes

This is news that is all over fan sites already, so it would also be my duty to report here. Heartstrings Korean drama, starring Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa has finally been decided to stop at episode 15 rather than the initial 16 episodes. This is due to Park Shin Hye's car accident a few weeks ago which resulted in a delay of the series' filming.

Fans are a bit disappointed that the series will be cut short, but we're all glad that Park Shin Hye was able to return to filming safely and in a healthy state.

For more information on this news, you can visit the Park Shin Hye International Fanclub blog. Here is the actual link to the news:

To be totally honest, while I am a fan of the two stars and have enjoyed Heartstrings since the beginning, I'm not too disappointed that the series was cut by one episode. As far as these fluffy romance pieces goes, Heartstrings was starting to become a little one-tracked and uninterestingly predictable (which is typical of most romantic comedies like this geared towards a younger age group).

Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying the series for it's intended entertainment value, as well as the things that started me off on watching Heartstrings in the first place. So I do look forward to continuing on until the end of the series, which is right around the corner after next week when the last two episodes will be aired. However, whether because of the episode by episode wait or just the sudden monotony that has taken over since our favorite couple got together, the series itself has become kind of stale and I might feel a little relieved once it's over.

With great music and fun antics as well as a nicely blossoming romance, my thoughts for Heartstrings still remains rather pleasant. I just wish I could say the same for the story line which seems to have run out of steam. Nonetheless, the cast is still great, so hopefully they hang in there.

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