Wednesday, August 10, 2011

news: a new decision

I could have easily added this news as part of the last post I'd written not more than two hours ago, but I decided that this announcement would have to be separate for it to be effective. Why? I don't know. No one reads this blog anyway.

But starting fairly soon, I am going to include an information section for posts about drama series and the like. Those posts will include a brief introductory, summary, and short thoughts about my overall take on the series or movie. Basically, this is my way of repenting for the fact that I realized my thought articles can become extremely long and give away spoilers that I hate to give away. And so those articles will be more of a discussion type and warn against spoilers. Also, it gives more of a way for me to expand on two or three separate articles discussing elements, scenes, plot devices, characters, and actors and actresses in particular series if I wish to elaborate on them more -- because I always wish to elaborate more, but feel limited whenever I'm writing a formal single review. And so, if I can manage it, the series that I review will come with an information post, a formal review post filed under 'drama thoughts (in depth)', and then more spin off thoughts for those series, filed under a section called 'random thoughts' or something like that.

And since my brain is always overflowing with questions and randomness and words, there is no doubting that, giving me this freedom will allow lots of different opinionated, subjective articles.

I think the biggest downfall about my animanga zone would have to be that I tried to keep a strictly organized structure. For this blog, I'm going to try my best to allow more freedom for myself to write whatever I want to write as long as it pertains to Asian media.

The first series information posts will involve City Hunter, especially, because every time I go back to look at that article, I just feel a little exhausted about how long it ended up getting and I wonder whether anyone is willing to sit and read through that entire post. Then again, I've read and reread it dozens of times within the last week just trying to edit it for best publishing presentation. To date, it is the longest thoughts article I've written for any drama series, longer even than a lot of the reviews I've written for anime series.

This may not happen, but in the near future, I might go back and edit it out, taking some parts and putting them into a separate post for random thoughts, and then just redirecting readers to that one. This is definitely a plan, but we'll have to see how well my motivation plays out.

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