Monday, August 1, 2011

news: what's happening now after the launch

With a successful (I guess) launch of this blog, my hopes are that everything else will go much more smoothly than when I had launched anicabyss - animanga zone. My plan is to pace myself so that I don't burn out of things to write about and so that I don't suddenly feel like this blog has become an obligation. Because I enjoy writing about my opinions on a lot of things, but when it becomes a scheduled deadline, I start to flake a little. Especially if it is a self-given deadline that I know I can slack off on. If this were a work or school related matter, things would be a little different and I would make sure that I have good articles written and turned in on time.

The beauty of this being a personal weblog, of course, is that my articles need not be to perfection-- they only need to be up to my own perfect standards (which are still pretty high).

Maybe I should find a friend who is willing and appoint her as my editor... this webmaster is already putting that thought into consideration.

Anyway, the line-up of my articles have been changed multiple times already dependent on what's been going on in the drama world. And all the plans that I have set up for the next few months are subject to change anyway since new dramas will appear and new ideas will float to me at the oddest times.

My plans for today had changed slightly already; having intended to post these first articles near midnight of today, I made double sure that the first two articles were in the best condition they could be two days ago. But then, I got caught up in finishing another Korean drama series and completely forgot about my plans. This is a good omen, I hope, that foreshadows my continued growing interest in the Korean drama arena. Becoming more and more attracted to Korean drama, it only means I will have much more to write about in the future. Hopefully, even if it's just a phase for me, it doesn't end up simmering away too quickly like the anime and manga phase did.

My goals for this blog are to at least post a new review each week; my scheduled plans have me presenting a new post every Monday and Friday, but with my own will power, I'm sure that it's not going to happen that way. So while I have plans laid out, that's all fine and dandy, but when it's necessary, I may only post an article once a week. I have another life after all and my work won't understand that I have personal, blogging obligations to myself. And then in the end, I will probably only post whenever I have something to post; it's a big dilemma how I really want to work this particular weblog, but in the end, I'm sure "just winging it" will be the final approach.

This week serves as a small celebration and kick start to the drama zone blog launch. As stated in the mission of the drama zone, this place isn't merely for drama series and all things related. I will also include information about music, movies and the people involved in all of that. As I am not only on a mission to showcase drama series and my thoughts on those, this blog will also (as was the case with animanga zone) showcase a few feature posts about my random thoughts on the drama world in general, or even some specific aspects of drama series that I feel need to be elaborated on outside of the thoughts article itself (I hate to call these posts actual "reviews" since I'm not really a professional anyway and all thoughts and opinions are my own subjective ones).

Heartstrings first impression and C.N.Blue plus some music thoughts information are today's feature posts to launch the drama zone. Each day of this week will also be presented with a new post up until Saturday and then from there, the next few weeks will have more sparse postings. Even though I will be the only one "celebrating" this kick start week for the drama zone, if there is even one other person out there reading this post, please appease my diminishing motivation by commenting with a single "Yippee!" or anything similar. That way, I know that I'm not really just talking to myself everyday.

Thank you very much for that.

As far as my plans for the upcoming posts this week, they have also changed multiple times, but for sure, look forward to another first impressions post over Taiwanese Idol Drama, Love Keeps Going and a thoughts post over City Hunter, both of which are fairly recent series. City Hunter just aired it's series' finale last week and so it is ideal for my to post the "review" as soon as I can get there.

As far as the formatting for my articles... well, there really is none at the moment because I had tried this with the animanga zone and things ended up turning different anyway. The thoughts in my posts are highly opinionated and subjective with few objective opinions thrown in. I tend to ramble on when I'm writing, so I currently apologize if articles end up much longer than they really need to be. And also as a forewarning, which I will try to instill in each thoughts article, I sometimes tend to jump on soap boxes during the course of my writing as well as reveal some specific parts of series unintentionally as part of my rambling. I apologize profusely for this and will try to give warning or figure out a way to introduce series without ruining anything crucial to the story line. In the future, I will slowly edit away unnecessary information... but that's not a promise, because I have always been quite wordy about my opinions. So bear with me, and hopefully everyone likes a good five minute read every so often.

As shown in the sidebar, my present viewing "diet" consists of the currently airing dramas: Heartstrings (Korean) and Love Keeps Going (Taiwan). 33 Gu Shi Guan (Taiwan) is an anecdotal series with a new story line and new set of cast and characters every two episodes. The second season of it seems to currently be on hold, but I am awaiting when the next story is released. I have just finished watching two new Korean drama series and so articles for both will be written shortly.

After starting into the Korean drama arena recently and watching City Hunter, I am glad to announce that I may be able to break out of the romantic comedy genre and actually indulge in other types of drama series. But mainly, romance drama, romantic comedies and some Taiwan Idol drama are my bigger interests. I have no interest in tragedies, angst or the like, so there will be little of those seen here in this blog-- if any appear, it was because I was mistaken, or the series was so good that even I couldn't keep my hands off of it. This is a personal bias against those particular genres, just because I'm more partial towards happier, light-hearted and warm types of story lines. This doesn't mean they're not good to watch, it just means I personally do not like them for the mere fact that I don't like tragedy or angst. Everyone is entitled to their own interests after all.

But anyway, this news article has gotten a little longer than I had intended for it to get. But I get carried away easily. For the moment, the current "coming soon" area is subject to change, but more or less follows exactly what I intend to have posted in the following weeks.

Every so often, as I had done on animanga zone, I will update the readers (population = myself) on what I've been up to, what I've been watching and what I'll be posting next. And other news posts may also include some random Asian pop culture news about new drama series plans and the like (this does not include who's dating who and who's being spotted where because I'm not paparazzi).

The header picture for the drama zone include promotional pictures from new Koran drama series, Heartstrings, which is being blogged about as a first impression post today. Featured are Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. I'm hooked on this series and anxiously await each new episode. I intend to try and create a new banner for each month, or maybe just for each season, or whenever I see fit, but we'll see how it all goes from here on out.

So, as this post is suffering from my incurable "wordy, long-winded, rambling" syndrome, I will end off with a big thank you to the community of people who will someday choose to give my blog a glance.

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