Tuesday, August 30, 2011

news: the successful end to the first month

While things hadn't exactly gone as planned for this month, I think I'm kind of glad that my article posts turned out the way they did. My ultimate plan had included a couple more review articles to be posted for the month than I actually ended up publishing. HOWEVER, the itinerary is ever-changing, only because of the fact that new series are presented regularly and current series end by a certain time. As for the older series I've seen and have begun reviewing, since they've been out for a certain amount of time already anyway, their articles can wait.

Work in the real world has been quite distracting lately, and some family business is keeping me from quickly finishing series the way I'd been doing earlier. On top of that, I've been distracted by some other series, such as My Girl and Full House, that I haven't been able to hit up my "next in line" list yet. Basically, I walk into the living room where Mom and Dad are watching these and I catch a glimpse of enough of the series that makes me want to watch it for myself. And so instead of sticking to my plans, changes have occurred.

While I'm still in the middle of watching My Girl slowly, I will do what I can to hold off on Full House, only because of my plans. That, and I didn't really get interested in the latter to make me search for it.

As for the rest of the series on my current viewing list, Black & White (Taiwanese) is a series that, while quite captivating, hasn't exactly been a "do or die" type of series. I've found that I can watch a few episodes and then get up and do something else freely. There's no urgency to see what happens next even if that curiosity is there. Which, so far, that's what it feels like with this series: just a curiosity. That same edge of seat anticipation that I used to have watching mystery and crime thrillers from Hong Kong's TVB productions isn't quite there yet, but I have hopes that it'll present itself soon. Only a few episodes into the series, the story line is now starting to pick up with the mysterious past of Chen Zai Tien coming to the surface.

I think the unfortunate thing about Black & White is that between the first case and now the second case that I've just started in on, the writers don't keep you guessing. Sure, there are some underlying unknowns settled around the cases, but not big enough to make you want to keep pushing forward to find out the truth behind the situation. And then some of the mysteries are so blatantly obvious that there's no need for the series to hide them.

This isn't to say that I'm disappointed, but it makes me miss those crime thrillers from back in the day where the viewer was also treated like a detective and given the chance to try and figure out the "who dunnit". Then again, maybe Black & White isn't so much going for mystery excitement. It certainly has a huge tone of movie action, focusing a lot on the chase against the "bad guys" rather than a truth-seeking tone.

But before I get too in depth, I should move on.

Scent of a Woman and Warrior Baek Dong Soo are coming along really nicely. While in the beginning, I wasn't as hooked to Scent of a Woman, I've found that I am truly waiting in anticipation for the next few episodes. The romance is starting to pick up, and while I had stated that I don't care who she ends up with in my first impression article, I think I'm rather leaning towards Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook), but only because of the steamy chemistry that the two have been generating so passionately. And I'm curious to see how it will turn out for the two supports as well.

On an aside, the above banner is from the end of episode eight where I found the still so gorgeous that I just couldn't help but put it to my own use. After all, I'm stupid in graphic arts and can only piece together something simple. So all I really did was crop the picture and then add words to it. Simple...

Warrior Baek Dong Soo is interesting to follow, but the build up has been quite slow and I'm really just waiting for the adventure to start. I've also been resigned to watch this series as slowly as I can so that I don't end up the way I did with City Hunter -- being stuck with jittery anticipation for the next episode. Warrior Baek still has a while to go before the ending comes around the corner (and I have no idea how many episodes this series will be anyway) and if I pull a City Hunter, I'll rush through all the available episodes and then beat myself up when I realize I have to wait until the next episode is broadcast just to be able to watch it.

But anyway...

Articles planned for September include the "intro info" articles for all the reviews I've already posted. The "intro info" deal is just a temporary experiment to see how much better things fair for me, presenting an article without spoilers that is short and sweet, and then tacking on a longer, much more in depth article that usually takes about five minutes to read. If this works, then I'll continue to make do with it; if it doesn't, I might just get rid of them altogether and find a way to split some of my review articles so that they don't seem so unnecessarily expanded *coughcough*CityHunter*coughcough*.

Upcoming articles are exactly what's on my sidebar: I have everything done and ready for post, with a few more finishing touches to make. Sungkyunkwan Scandal's article is currently being written and rewritten. It may be a while before this article is posted. But then again, it's hard to say what my schedule is. After all, Heartstrings wasn't intended for August, but there it is anyway. And then I also have the review for Scent of a Woman to deal with when the series ends next month.

More new series are becoming accessible to me soon and a lot of older series are also piquing my interest.

With all of this attraction towards drama series, I hope that the drama zone will have a good run for a couple more months to come. animanga zone hadn't lasted long when I lost interest, which is my only worry. But then again, anime and manga really HAD been a temporary phase and I have always been a fan of the live action drama series, even if I never really wrote about them consistently in the past.

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