Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm so excited and so happy! When I was writing my animanga blog, I don't think I ever had this happen until sometime after I quit blogging on that site. It just makes me ecstatic to know that I'm really not just talking to myself!


To whomever it is out there who is taking the time to read my ridiculously long posts, thank you very, very much! I will continue to strive for better articles. However, if you are someone I already know in real life, then you might let me know who you really are. I also want to thank anyone else who is simply a silent reader I don't know about and I hope you continue to enjoy my articles.

I paid no heed to the first comment I received because I thought it was just one of my friends humoring me (there are a few I know of who would follow my silly request for a "Yahoo!" but may not necessarily read my articles -- thank you for that anyway.)

But now I have a well written comment, a recommendation as well as encouragement to continue writing coming from a fellow Asian drama enthusiast. Again, thank you very much!

I will definitely give Chuno a view and hopefully be able to blog about it as well. My drama interests today might be geared more towards romantic comedies, but I have no problems opening up my viewing interests.

To anyone and everyone who is reading this blog, again, thank you very much. I will try very hard not to lose steam after a couple months like I did in the anime and manga area. Thank you for being here.
Okay... now back to regaining my calm composure as the webmaster of the drama zone...

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