Wednesday, December 28, 2011

news: Park Eun Bin with Yoo Seung Ho in drama series

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Once again, a shout out of "Thanks!" to Dramabeans for so much K-entertainment news. Otherwise, I'd have nothing to look forward to outside of stuff that's older and I haven't seen (which I should really get crackin' on anyway), but it's nice to know when some of your favorite stars are going to be associated with a new project.

And now with a short and sweet synopsis of both characters in this series (what we're calling Operation Proposal for the time being) I'm really looking forward to it even more. Of course, being described as a melodrama gives me some slight heebie-jeebies, but I'll hold out that with Yoo Seung Ho in it, it'll be carried well. I'm not familiar with Park Eun Bin, but I'm reading that, like Yoo Seung Ho, she's a child actor turned solid adolescent actor, so there is much to look forward to. I would dig up some of her old projects to check out, but being a child actor it looks like she doesn't have much leading status or supporting status to her name. (Yes, I did some quick research.) And if she's better known for her roles in Queen Seon Deok and Legend (both with Yoo Seung Ho), then that means Operation Proposal will be the first I ever see of her.

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