Tuesday, December 13, 2011

news: Yoo Seung Ho, new cable drama

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source:  Dramabeans

Is it totally wrong for me to get squealy for young hotties like Yoo Seung Ho? It probably is, so I'll keep it at a minimum... However...


I will totally jump on this one, even though it's labeled as a melodrama. It's a romance after all and I've been anticipating the day that this kid gets to lead his own rom-com (as any of us hopeless romantics who also have an interest in Yoo Seung Ho would). Fantasy melodrama is close enough, I guess, but mark my words, when he's older, he BETTER have his own rom-com just for a noona's satisfaction. I'm not above being a little insane for something like that.

I look forward to this one really, and not just because Yoo Seung Ho is a cute little punk. I recognize his acting as fairly above par and so I'm keeping an eye on this one to see where his career will take him. Ever since seeing him for the first time as a high school, socially awkward, young boy in 4th Period Murder Mystery I've been quite interested, leading me to watching two drama series, picking them solely because of him.

Anyway, let me extend yet another shout of gratitude to Dramabeans for supplying the netizens with so many updates and K-drama wonders. Thanks guys! I hope it's okay that I'm referencing you so much (assuming that they even know I'm out here too).

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