Wednesday, December 28, 2011

news: Where's my TVB Miracle?

I am at the edge of my seat in anticipation. Ever since the sales presentation for TVB (HK) aired last year, there has been one specific series I've been looking forward to seeing. Needless to repeat myself over and over again, but TVB has been a big disappointment in my life for a few years now. While I had still been watching some series, the number of TVB series on my "watched to completion" list just kept shrinking with each recent year. (Yes, I went and did an exact tally of everything I watched.)

2006 was the last year of TVB in which I actually tallied a number of series in the double digits: I watched 13 of their 2006 productions, but not all of them were well-received and one of them was highly overrated (*coughcough*ToGrowWithLove*coughcough*). Or maybe more than one had been highly overrated (The Dance of Passion AND Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion) only one of which I actually enjoyed.

Starting in 2007, the number of TVB drama series I watched began to dwindle. We went from 8 in 2007 to 9 in 2008, and then in both 2009 and 2010, I only actually watched 5 series completely. In 2010, I started watching some series and then ended up dropping them like hot potatoes.

So what about 2011?

I saw one, yes, only one entire series produced by TVB. But my reasons are probably best left for another post I'll be dishing out later on.

Rant finished (well, sort of), I still have the need to check out future projects for my native television station. The sales presentation gave me what would ultimately (hopefully) be my revived interest in the TVB arena.

回到三国 (Wui Dou Saam Gwok, in Cantonese; Hui Dao San Guo, in Mandarin)
Return to Three Kingdoms

And this image of Raymond Lam in his role of Chukot Leung is the only picture I've been able to find that is slightly representative of the series. The photo at the top is all I could find that promotes the actual series itself and those aren't even the people who will be starring in it (so yea, total fake out; my bad). TVB likes to create their sales presentations with various actors giving the audience a taste of what's in store and then they play musical casting until something works out better. Of course, I totally wouldn't have been averse to Steven Ma being in this series as well. There aren't any true promotional posters and the series has been finished filming for months now. Even a while back, from my own sources, it was said that Return to Three Kingdoms would be airing soon in late February of 2012. And so I got excited and totally looked forward to it.

If it's one thing that I like, it's historical series, and with a premise much like the A Step Into the Past glory that was so loved this was going to be my return crack for TVB. Other various series that seemed interesting enough just never piqued my interest even if I saw the first episode and thought to myself "I'll think about watching it."

But now there aren't even anticipated broadcast dates from my sources about when Return to Three Kingdoms will be presented. And I'm in a bit of a ranting, raving funk because of that now.

Raymond Lam is one of my favorite Hong Kong drama series stars and alongside him, Tavia Yeung will also be starring as female lead in this series. Granted, this won't be a Mysteries of Love reprisal of their love line since Tavia is paired with Kenneth Ma, but I'm still wanting to see their interaction. Because in Face to Fate, even when they didn't have a love line together, they still exhibited tumults of chemistry as a bickering pair of questionable comrades. And it was fun.

Nonetheless, I'm a little disappointed that there might be a delay on the broadcast of this series. TVB is known for doing such things with highly anticipated (even if I'm the only one anticipating it) series, pushing them aside for something they think will bring in better ratings for that time period. Or maybe they're in a funky disagreement with one of their own actors and decided to play tricks by postponing that particular actor's series. I've learned over all these years that TVB is not above being petty like that.

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